CSP Series Clamp Open-type Current Switch

CSP Series Clamp Open-type Current Switch

● Clamp open design
● Adjustable switch setpoint
● Switch LED display

■ HVAC Engineering
■ Building Control
■ Pump
■ small industrial motors
■ Fan
■ Lighting

Operating current can cause drastic fluctuations in motor, belt failure, slipping or mechanical failure, which could result in the production process to the user's risk. CSP-type clamp aperture design is an ideal solution because it can be easily caught in the existing cable or wire in a timely manner to protect your motor and equipment package. These switches offer industry standard 200A output and extremely low fixed or adjustable set point set point, when the required current switching. All models are equipped with an LED for displaying the switching status lights in order to work on-site observation of switching states. This pincer open type switch without disconnecting wires can be installed, the installation more convenient.

Input Range 1.5-200A AC 1.5-200A AC 1.5-200A AC 1-200A AC 1.5-200A AC
Switching load capacity 0.3A @ 135V AC /DC 0.3A @ 135V AC /DC 1A @ 240V AC 0.3A @ 135V AC /DC 1A @ 240V AC
Switch settings Fixed 1A Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Status output Normally Open Normally Open Normally Open Normally Closed
Normally Closed
Temperature Range -30 ~ 70 ℃
Humidity Range 0 至 95% (non-condensing)
Isolation (Insulation) Voltage 2000V AC
Frequency Range 40 ~ 400Hz
Shell Material ABS (UL94V-0 certification)
Size Height x Width x Thickness: 63 x 100 x 31.8mm, mandrel diameter: 20mm
Certification CE, CSA, UL, Rohs

Model Code Description:
CSP - Clamp Open-type Current Switch
AD / SA - AD : for AC or DC control circuit, SA : Only for AC control Circuit
A / B - A : Normally Open, B : Normally Closed
FX / AJ - FX : Fixed setpoint, AJ : Set Point is adjustable